Are any of my followers rich? Help a nigga out yo

I’m serious like I have a pay pal SE up and everything I need this money to cheer

Are any of my followers rich? Help a nigga out yo

cherscares said: I really don't think you have a place to say who can and can't be involved with feminist issues. I mean, unless, they made you like supreme chairwoman of feminism, then by all means, I apologize and step down. Anyone can believe in the equality of the sexes last time I checked.






when will white cis gays stop


gay men are no where near as oppressed as women, you have an enormous amount of privilege over women

are you fucking kidding? we cant even get married to the people we love! we are both oppressed people. we need to support one another instead of fighting

im not doing this i hate gay men

That’s a bit extreme considering were here trying to help you besides I don’t even follow the gender binary so you really can’t tell me anything boo boo. I’m a feminist because I believe in the equality of the sexes. Period.

Anonymous said: Why does it destroy your soul that that Nicole girl is now in Top Gun? Was she part of WC?

Yes she was point on stars